The Way Forward

Public Transport in Public Hands

Set up a publicly-owned bus company for Glasgow (like Lothian Buses) and start taking over bus routes one-by-one. Use profits from busy routes to reinstate essential bus services axed by First & Stagecoach and re-invest in a publicly-owned fleet of low emission buses to clean up our streets.

One City, One Ticket

Insist that all private transport companies accept one smartcard to establish affordable integrated ticketing (with a daily price cap) across all public transport: subway, trains, buses and bike hire. Extend concessionary travel to all young people, students and apprentices.

Cycle & Ride

Set up bike hire stations in all parts of the city and ensure that all concessionary travel card holders also have free access.

Put People First

Establish a publicly-owned and accountable Transport Authority for Glasgow (like in London), which puts people first. Allow it control over our city’s entire network (public transport & other traffic) to encourage sustainable travel.

The Future’s Now

Work with Glasgow’s people to develop a coordinated long-term vision for our city’s transport needs, including:
• Delivering on ambitious planned projects like Crossrail & the East End Subway to connect new parts of the city.
• Re-opening all Glasgow’s disused railway lines, tunnels and stations to become part of our expanding network.

We need a public transport system where buses, Subway, trains and bikes work together to serve the whole city and make everyone’s journeys more affordable and sustainable.

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